A potted history of Edingthorpe

Edingthorpe is a small, rural village, set in the lovely Norfolk countryside, near North Walsham. The hamlet has few village amenities: no pub or village shop for example, but it is that unspoilt charm that helps make Edingthorpe so appealing.

It’s the type of place where it feels like nothing has disturbed the peace for centuries.

As well as some beautiful old cottages and farms, there are two key historical buildings in the village: 

Edingthorpe’s All Saints Church

A round-towered Saxon church with a medieval wall painting and a 12th-century door. The All Saints Church is one of 124 round tower churches in Norfolk, but one unusual feature sets it apart: it has an unusual octagonal top.

This historical Saxon church stands almost hidden by trees on the northern edge of the village.

Edingthorpe’s Old Hall

Edingthorpe Hall is a traditional large house in the shape of a half H, originally dating from the early 16th-century Tudor time, and re-built in the early 17th Century as a contemporary Jacobean Hall.

For centuries, the Old Hall remained as a key historical building in the area, unaltered.

In Victorian times, the old house was extended towards the back, adding two further bedrooms upstairs and a kitchen and dining room downstairs.

There must have been a fire on the South side of the building in the 19th Century, as the flint on that side of the house appears different from the rest of the building. 

Further work from around the turn to the 20th Century, added one last bedroom.

The Hall was given historic Grade II listed status in 1955. In 1990 the house was the subject of a complete programme of renovation and faithful restoration which was carried out at the time with great care to preserve and enhance as many of the original features as possible. The quality of craftsmanship and the restoration included the use of well seasoned oak to replace doors and windows where necessary. Further work carried out recently creates a comfortable family holiday home in this historic building. 

The main house retains many of its historic details and the rooms are large, light and well proportioned.

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